Thought of the day – Tattoos.

This is a little off topic but today’s post is about tattoos.
I like tattoos, and don’t see any harm in them because our skin is just skin. it still performs it’s function with a tattoo on it.

Saying that, it does depend on the tattoo. I’m not a fan of face tattoos but some smaller ones can look nice on the right person. I’m not a fan of blatantly obvious swear words in tattoos, but can’t really justify this – I swear all the time. I guess it just comes off as a big aggressive. I’m fine with swear words in small text tattoos, especially in a soft font.

I’m not a fan of crap tattoos, but can’t criticize people who’ve had their mates do it, because I am one such person.

I have 4 tattoos in total – one is 3 hearts on my ankle. This is the one my friend did, I was 17, they were practicing to become a tattoo artist (I don’t think they ever did in the end), nothing went wrong, they sterilised everything properly, but it was a bit crap. A proper tattoo artist has since neatened it up, but it’s still my least favourite tattoo. I’m happy I got it done though, it was an interesting experience and it’s by far not the worst tattoo I’ve seen.
The second tattoo I got was a much bigger tattoo of vines and flowers, that incorporates the hearts. I got this done mostly to distract from the hearts. It’s colourful too, although fading a bit now.
The third tattoo is a huge hip tattoo. It’s black, and it’s silhouettes of butterflies stemming from my actual hip bone to near the center of my back. That was my most painful tattoo to date – I’m bony as hell, so I could really feel it on the hip and as it approached my spine. I really like this tattoo.
The fourth tattoo I had done was hand-poked. It’s an owl on my upper back, and took about 4 hours due to being hand-poked. This was a great experience! When the tattoo artist started, I genuinely didn’t even realise, it’s that soft. For a small tattoo, especially for a first timer, I’d strongly recommend finding an artist who can hand-poke. This one is also relatively big though (hence the time), and it does start to burn after a while…like really burn!

I’d never planned on getting small tattoos. I like them, but would never know what to get. I like big ones. I’m an all or nothing type of person!

So here’s where I’m at now. Over a year ago, when I broke up with my ex, I decided to get a big lion face on one thigh, and a big bear on the other. At the time, the idea was that they’d represent strength and bravery. He was the first person I’d lived with other than my family, and it was a very messy break up. Saying that, the relationship was over long before we actually broke up. My tattoo artist is always booked up for months in advance, and then I had to re-book thanks to work, so I don’t have the tattoos yet – they’re booked for late August this year. I was supposed to go in at some point and just remind the artist of what I wanted, but I’ve been putting it off.

I think the reason I’ve been putting it off is I don’t really want these tattoos anymore. For a start, they’re going to cost me well over £200. I’m about to move to somewhere that’ll cost more to live at, need money for furniture, have car insurance in the next two weeks and haven’t had a job since April. I have student loan coming in September, but all these other costs are this month. I can’t afford it, even with my savings.

Secondly, I have the opportunity to go to Wales for 4 days, which is directly in between the two dates I have set for these tattoos. If I got the tattoos, I wouldn’t be able to go swimming, showering will be difficult and I’ll be in some pain. This isn’t a massive issue, they’re more my partners friends than mine – in fact, some of them I’ve never met – but I’ve never been on a holiday with friends, and it’s not costing anything, and I love Wales and swimming.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve moved on from the section of my life where I felt like I needed to prove how strong and brave I was. I did well at the time, sure, but I feel I’ve done more in the last week for myself than I did back then. I’ve already put a deposit down, so if I cancel, I do lose that, but I was thinking instead that I could keep the appointment after the Wales trip, cancel the first one and get a much smaller, more meaningful tattoo for myself. This will probably be something that represents South Africa because it was life changing and maybe that can be the reminder of my strength and bravery. I did not ever see myself going to South Africa, but not only did I do it, I thrived while I was out there. I was so happy there, so touched by the people I met and the things I saw, I experienced things I’m unlikely to ever experience again.

So yeah, just fancied sharing my thoughts on tattoos for a minute. I think regardless, I won’t be getting the bear and the lion, purely for the sake of cost. It’s a shame but at the same time, no big deal. I hadn’t realised how much this was playing on my mind until…well, today.

Apologies for the boring post! I realise this isn’t in the same style as my other posts, but this is a post for me! 🙂


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